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Critical Steps for Enhancing Energy Efficiency Market was discussed in the Energy Week

36th Energy Efficiency Week and 8th Energy Efficiency Forum was held on 11-12 of January 2017 in İstanbul. Policy and finance experts of the project, Rod Janssen and Özlem Yakut, together with Pierre Langlois and Coşkun Kanberoğlu were among the sp.. [...]


Launched Event was performed

Project launch event was performed and hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource with participation of local and foreign experts. EVD companies, sector NGOs, chambers of industry, Project experts, EE equipment suppliers and installers re.. [...]


Project Kick-off Meeting

The project kick-off meeting was held at the DGRE on November 27th 2015.  MENR, DGRE, WB, MWH and its JV members attended the meeting.  An introduction to the project was made and an overview of the project tasks was given by the MWH JV Project Coor.. [...]


Meetings with Joint Venture Members

The MWH team organized a two-day visit to Athens to meet with the EXERGIA team on November 2nd and 3rd 2015.  The meetings took place in the EXERGIA office in Athens.  Three team members from MWH (internal project coordinator, training expert, and b.. [...]


The coordination meeting was conducted with the relevant EVD companies

The project team organized an introductory meeting with EVDs in Ankara on November 10th 2015.  11 EVDs that stated their preference to work with MWH and its JV on this project during the proposal phase were invited to the meeting.  An invitation ema.. [...]


Bank workshop training events are continuing with Vakıfbank

One-day workshop event which covers the topic as “energy efficiency project financing” has been performed by the Project Consultant satisfactorily with participation of 32 General Directorate officers at 8th June of 2016 in Istanbul. The content of .. [...]